Doll Face Bridal

Ombre Brows


Ombre/ Powder brows is a semi permanent technique that involves using a machine which delicately layers pigment using a pixel effect into the top layer of the skin to give a gentle powder like finish. Combining an ombre effect which gives the look of a softer finish at the fronts that gradually darkens towards the tail of the brow. This technique results in no harsh edges to achieve a soft and natural healed result. 

If you fill your brows with a pencil or a powder makeup, then this is for you. This eyebrow style is timeless, it heals natural and its very popular. It will suit any age and skin type.  

Results last 2- 5 years with the option of a colour boost if/when needed.  If you would like to register interest in having this procedure or wish to be a model at a reduced cost then please email Gemma