Doll Face Bridal


At Dollface, my makeup services offer a relaxed yet professional atmosphere from the moment you enter. I use top-quality brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, and Nars to ensure your makeup looks and feels great, lasting from morning to night.  Its the perfect setting for sitting in your comfies and having your make-up done without the in-your face glare of a makeup counter , or being pressured into buying products.

Dollface Signature:  A soft glam/natural professional makeup application includes luxury strip lashes, perfect for any occasion including bottomless brunch, birthdays, weddings, the races, graduations etc. ( 1hr 15 min ) £40.00

Dollface Glam: Ultra glam/detailed extended makeup application that includes highlighter on the neck and chest and luxury strip lashes for any occasion. Especially photoshoots and nights out. ( 1hr: 30min) £45.00

Dollface Prom: Professional and detailed makeup to suit whatever the prom queen wants. From the most subtle makeup to the ultra glam Includes luxury strip lashes. (1 hr 15min) £45.00