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Brow lamination


During my years as a makeup artist, I learnt the importance of brows. They frame our eyes and face shape and are also the key to achieving an anti-ageing look, without makeup.

With over 10 years experience in brows I have mastered the skill of tailoring / designing your brow shape to suit YOU – giving a younger, softer and timeless beauty to the individual. 


Brow lamination is a popular brow trend and is designed to create a soft, fluffy and natural finish. It’s also great for filling in sparse areas of your brows, taking your hairs in the right direction and helps in taming thicker brow hairs that tend to stick out. The process involves straightening the brow hairs with a chemical solution, so they stay sleek, well kept and in your desired direction for up to 8 weeks. This treatment also involves tinting and shaping so you can ensure you get optimum results. (£45.00 1hr)