Halloween Makeup Inspiration (Pop Art)

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Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, I was swamped with the attack of Wedding season! Now Halloween is just around the corner and it’s my absolute fave time of the year!! It gives us makeup artists a chance to be even more creative and wacky as before with also a bit of gore. (sorry about the rhyme).

This time instead of going for the bog standard zombie, skeleton, scary  look I thought to go for something a little different, that being POP ART. Pop art was an art movement in the mid 1950s which was inspired by popular culture  such as adverts, Hollywood Movies and of course Pop music.

The style was quite simple but dramatic with very bold colours and strong black outlines and extreme facial expressions. I just absolutely love this style and thought it would be quite easy and extremely fun for anyone to create on themselves perfect for Halloween!


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As you can see I probably had too much fun messing around with photoshop after I took some pics! Here is a couple of pictures that are not so heavily edited and a full list of products used along with a few tips to re-create this look yourself!


  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation
  • Snazaroo face paints in white, red, black and blue.
  • Daler Rowny paint Brushes
  • Mac eyeliner brush
  • Sephora foundation brush
  • white eyeliner pencil


  1. Apply a high coverage foundation all over including lips and eyelids
  2. Highlight parts of the face using white facepaint  and a medium brush including  the chin, eyelids and underneath the eyes
  3. Outline facial features using black facepaint and a smaller brush as this is more detailed. Concentrate on brows first making them thick and blocky. With the eyes, create a fake socket line and then line the top lashes winging outwards.
  4. Add more detail to the eyes by drawing on fake lashes like spikes towards the outer corner. Line underneath leaving the gap where the white facepaint is. Again draw lashes on the bottom winging downwards.
  5. Create the contour for the cheeks by drawing a thickish line under the cheekbone making sure each side is the same.
  6. Draw  a line down the centre of the nose and around each nostril trying to keep a steady hand.
  7. Create an expression line inbetween the brows.
  8. Colour in the lips with red facepaint and add white lines on the lips to create texture.
  9. line the outside of the lips with black and outline the filtrim (top of the lip)
  10. Wait for the lips to dry and add a small white blob to the lips top and bottom on the side to give a 3d effect.
  11. Create the tears using blue face paint and then splodge a bit of white and line the bottom with black.
  12. Brighten the inside of the eye with a white eyeliner pencil
  13. Fill all of the extra space with white dots using the wrong side of a paintbrush/ makeup brush dipped into the facepaint. (I kind of rushed this bit but take your time, or even use the white pencil for better accuracy.
  14. You can finish by putting on a pair of glam eyelashes and also colouring the hair yellow or blue with facepaints. Or even by just using a brightly coloured wig to give the look more impact!
  15. Finally strike a pose and show off your expressions and POPularity with this fab Halloween Pop Art Makeup!!



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