Covid-19 Infection Prevention & Control Policy

Dollface Makeup Studio Ltd  COVID-19 Infection Prevention & Control Policy 2020

I am Gemma Lucas the manager of Dollface Makeup Studio Ltd and I take full personal responsibility for the safety within the salon environment.

I have read and understood the Safer Salon Course Content and fully understand it. I am now Registered and ceritified and my Registration and ceriticate can be verified at should you wish to check. This course content is in line with the current NHS and Government Guidelines to ensure it is up to date & valid at the time of publication.

If any of our staff show any signs of COVID 19, they are instructed to remain at home and self-isolate for 14 days. If any staff member arrives at work with symptoms, they are immediately sent home to self-isolate or the current NHS recommended time.

If any member of staff is living with anyone with COVID 19 symptoms, they will self-isolate for 14 days or the current NHS recommended time.

The first priority of myself and all our employees is to ensure the safety and confidence of our clients. Before carrying out service, we perform a comprehensive check of the clients’ situation from which we decide if it is safe for them to come along for an appointment. This is done on the phone to minimise person to person contact. 

Due to the current situation and in line with Guidelines we have adopted some new practices that are designed to minimise the risk of COVID 19 Transmission as much as is humanly possible while still delivering an effective, reliable and cost-effective service for our valued clients.


  1. All appointments are arranged by telephone or email
  2. A comprehensive check is carried out where we will decide if it is safe for both the client and practitioner to go ahead with the Appointment.
  3. If it is decided that it is not safe for any reason, we will ask that clients call back when they or other members of their household are free of symptoms for over seven days or the current NHS and Government Guidelines recommendations.
  4. Appointments timings will be agreed beforehand via phone or email.
  5. Only the client should turn up for any agreed appointment.
  6.  A full risk assessment will be carried out at the Salon before operations resume.

Prior to Appointment on the day

  1. All employees ensure the clothing or aprons they are wearing are fresh every day and in between each client.
  2. All workwear and aprons are washed every day at a temperature of over 60 Degrees Centigrade to ensure any potential pathogens are destroyed.
  3. Personal Temperature checks of staff are carried out every day before leaving for work, and anybody with a temperature of over 37.8 degrees centigrade or is presenting with any other COVID 19 symptoms must stay at home and self-isolate for 14 days.
  4. This may affect our ability to carry out your Appointment. If this affects your Appointment, we will contact you immediately and aim to rearrange this as quickly and safely as possible.
  5. All staff are our staff requested to bring in their own packed lunch and drinks for the day.
  6. Where ever possible, we will ensure distancing between clients in the Salon. This may include the limiting of work stations in use at any one time. We may also use cleanable space dividers between chairs to protect from cross-infection.
  7. We will stagger appointments to limit the number of clients in the Salon at any one time.
  8. Magazines and drinks will not be made available at this time to limit the chance of cross-infection.

Staff getting to the Salon

  1. Wherever practical, our staff will travel alone to the Salon.
  2. Where a vehicle has to be shared, it will be cleaned thoroughly before and after the journey. If sharing is necessary, staff will sit as far apart as is safe, and passengers will not face each other. The windows will be lowered to ensure clean air circulation.

Client Responsibilities

  1. We request that anyone visiting the Salon is wearing protective gloves and a face mask if possible.
  2. Distancing is requested in the Salon, and clear direction will be given.
  3. We request, where ever possible that payments are via contactless or card or even electronic transfer.
  4. Clients are requested to stay away from all other clients and staff they are not appointed to.
  5. Clients are requested not to offer food or drink to our staff.
  6. Clients are requested to wash their hands, on entry to the Salon where we will give access to fresh running water & soap wherever possible.
  7. Where possible doors in the Salon will be left open to minimise touching of handles
  8. Clients are requested to leave the Salon as soon as their Appointment is over, and they have paid.

At the Appointment

  1. All staff will stay at least 2m apart from people they are not working with, wherever the situation reasonably allows, is safe and permits effective service.
  2. Staff will not share tools or lotions, creams etc.
  3. Freshly laundered towels will be provided for every client.
  4. Clients will receive a freshly laundered gown if the service requires this.
  5. All working tools will be disinfected between every client.
  6. Disposable materials and equipment will be used whenever possible.
  7. Samples and testers will not be available unless manufactures supply single use samples.
  8. Staff will wear protective gloves and face masks if the service allows this.
  9. Other task-related PPE will be worn in line with H&S regulation.
  10. Staff will wash their hands before and after eating or use sanitiser if fresh water and soap are not available.
  11. Staff will not smoke on the salon premises unless prior permissions have been granted. This will be in a dedicated space away from any non-smokers. Hands will be washed before and after smoking.

End of the Appointment

  1. Payments should be made as above
  2. All tools and work stations will be cleaned and disinfected between every client.
  3. Other areas communal areas like the toilet, walkways, lobbies etc. will be periodically cleaned and disinfected by trained staff.

Up to 7 days after the Appointment

  1. Should any staff member develop any COVID 19 symptoms within seven days after an appointment, we will contact all clients that have been in contact with that staff member and inform them as such.
  2. Clients must immediately inform us if anyone on the premises gets a high temperature or displays any other signs of COVID 19 in the seven days after the Appointment.

These procedures have been implemented for the safety and wellbeing of our clients, staff and their families.

These procedures are in line with current NHS & Government Guidelines at the time of publication

   Responsible Person Name: Gemma Lucas   Position : Manager

       Signed:  Gemma Lucas                                               Date:    19-6-2020