How to choose the right Makeup Artist for your wedding day?

Ok, so your getting married and the thought of using a a Makeup Artist is unknown to you , or you don’t want the stress and want to leave it to a professional?  Then low and behold, being a Makeup Artist myself for several years, I have gathered a few tips together on how to choose the right Makeup Artist for your big day! 

1. Experience

These days the Bridal Makeup Artist community is saturated more than ever which leads to lots of confusion. Do your research and check their experience by their online portfolio, background and social media accounts. A professional Makeup Artist will have experience and confidence with different skin types, face shapes, skin tones and colour correction. They will also understand what works for professional pictures and how to get your skin in tip top shape ready for your special day. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, the more you ask the more comfortable you will feel. 

Although lots of experience is beneficial, don’t dismiss someone who hasn’t been in the business for so long. It’s important to base your decision on individual talent , level of work and their professionalism too. 

2. Professional Makeup Kit

A good Makeup Artist will have the tools of the trade! It’s vital for them to have high quality makeup and brushes in their kit to get the ultimate long lasting, and best finish for your wedding day. There are a lot of premium makeup brands out there these days so to give you an idea these include, Mac, Bobbi Brown, illamasqua, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, Jane Iredale, Makeup forever etc. 

3. Personality 

The morning of your wedding is a special time so make sure you feel comfortable, relaxed and 100% confident with the person you choose. Your chosen Artist should be professional, organised but also patient and a calming influence on the day. It may be worth calling your makeup artist before you book a trial with them to discuss ideas and to gage whether you click or not. 

4. Cost

As with any wedding you know you have to cut costs somewhere. However if a Makeup Artist is considerably cheap in price then perhaps question why? A professional Makeup Artist consistently invests money and time in updating their skills, their kit and researching upcoming makeup trends and techniques to give the best service possible.  In some cases you do get what you pay for. 

5. The Trial 

This is almost paramount when it comes to feeling comfortable and trusting of your chosen Makeup Artist for your wedding. The trial should include questions about the wedding details such as the theme, your dress, hair, colour scheme, flowers etc. This allows them to have a clearer insight to the finished makeup look along with your own personal wants and ideas. It is best to bring any makeup images you like and to wear your day to day makeup. The whole idea of a trial is to try makeup looks until you are entirely happy, don’t be afraid to speak up if you are not sure. Your chosen Artist should understand and adapt the look until your completely satisfied and then record this by taking pictures. 

6. Contract

Ideally having a Makeup Artist for your wedding is almost like paying for any other service.  A professional artist should always send out a contract for you to sign to protect you and themselves in case anything was to happen. 


So there you go, I hope this has helped and given you a clearer insight of what to look for when choosing a Makeup Artist for your special day! 


My Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hey fellow makeup lovers,

So after the success of the last tutorial inspired by Cheryl Fernandez, I thought this time I should show you all, my normal everyday makeup routine.

As a makeup artist, the main question my clients ask is…” What makeup do you use?” Obviously what I use may not suit everyone’s skin type, colouring etc, but it will give you more of an idea on what to try.

What I’ve also seen is that the upcoming trend for spring/summer is barely nude makeup. Makeup that looks effortless but also enhances your natural features and doesn’t disguise them. So start practicing now and you will be rocking the look for when spring finally arrives!

Here is the link for the full makeup tutorial below, please subscribe to my You Tube channel to see lots more like this :

Product List

Primer – Arbonne Primer

Concealer – Bobbi Brown Under eye concealer / Ivory

Foundation – Bobbi brown foundation stick / Beige

Powder – Jane Iredale pure pressed mineral powder/ Golden glow

Bronzer – Jane Iredale / So bronze 2

Blush – Mac / Fluer power

Eye Primer- Urban Decay/ Eden

Eyeshadow- Bobbi Brown /malted

Crease Eyeshadow- Bobbi Brown/ Saddle

Eyeliner- Mac Fluidline / Blacktrack

Mascara- Younique Fibre Lash Mascara

Eyebrows- Bobbi Brown eyeshadow powder/ Saddle

Lip Balm- Carmex

Lipcolour- Bobbi Brown /Beige lipcolour


x0x0 Gem x0x0

London Bride Magazine Cover Shoot

A fantastic collaboration shoot in the Lakes, involving talented photographer Lisa Aldersley and the creative ladies Eve and Nikki from The White Closet.

The Setting
Up in the lakes, the most beautiful remote setting that sits a large cottage surrounded by hills and countryside with views to die for! This in fact is Lisa’s house and what a perfect place for us to spend styling a shoot. (It certainly beats a studio any day).

The Brief
The reason for collaborating was to promote the latest Jesus Piero collection at The White Closet. Eve’s direction was to go for a black and white glamorous style shoot with a dark edge. Her exact words were ” Tim Burton meets Vogue”! I could tell that this wouldn’t be any normal shoot, as dogs were going to be modelling too. This idea sounded great due to it being so different to any other Bridal shoots I have done previously and it would certainly get my creative juices flowing as a Makeup Artist.


The Makeup
With any photo shoot preparation is key especially in designing the makeup look. I wanted to create an extravagant, glamorous look that’s also quite dark and mysterious.

Amy was one of the models who had such striking features and amazing bone structure. She most definitely would pull this off down to the ground.
I started prepping her skin with moisturiser and primer so the foundation would glide on perfectly.

While the primer and moisturiser is sinking in to Amy’s skin I begin on her eyes. To give a dramatic eye I used gel eyeliner in black and painted the eyelids then winging out to give a harsh edge. Using the liner inside the water line top and bottom and then a set of strip false lashes and mascara to finish.


The eyebrows was a mixture of gel liner with a dark brown brow powder brushed and blended to give a strong shape. The foundation I used was a foundation stick to give a full coverage but for the skin to still look like skin. What’s great is you can layer and layer but it will never look too heavy and is great for photography.

With a dusting of setting powder I then contoured the face with a deep bronzer concentrating mainly underneath Amy’s cheekbones. Adding a slight highlight to the face and cheek bones with a teeny bit of shimmer powder. To finish I used (believe it or not) the black gel eyeliner again for the lips, mixed with a deep plum lip colour. This is to really give that edgy, dark look and it worked like a dream. To be fair the black gel eyeliner was like a Swiss Army knife in this case.

The Shoot
Although I know everyone including Amy was startled with the finished look, and quite surprised. Infront of the camera with the stunning Jesus Piero dresses it would look amazing! So Lisa worked her magic in her own comfortable surroundings while Eve and Nikki styled the dresses, in the chaos of also posing the models and dogs, adding their creative touches to each shot. I think it is safe to say we all had a fantastic time and what turned out to be a huge success better than we imagined. Now all that hard work and fun is gracing the front page of London Bride Magazine 2015!






Gem xx

Photography by Lisa Aldersley Photography
Creative direction and styling by The White Closet
Makeup Design by Dollface Makeup Studio