Christmas Party Makeup



Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la laaaa, la la la la……and so it’s here quicker than expected.

It.s the season all you ladies are eagerly booking in for your Christmas Party Makeup to get dolled up turning heads wherever you may be.

So I thought I would just give you all a little insight into our Christmas Makeup services and what to expect when having booked or considering to book your makeup with us this Christmas.



DOLLFACE SIGNATURE MAKEUP inc lashes £30 (1hour)

DOLL EYES inc lashes £20 (30 minutes)

FALSE EYELASHES Application inc eyeliner £10 (10 minutes)

GLITTER LIPS £3 (5 Minutes)



After you’ve booked your Makeup appointment we advise you to research what type of makeup that you would like to have on the day. Make full use of social media such as Instagram, pinterest, facebook,google images etc. The best way to show a Makeup artist what you want is by pictures rather than trying to explain. Try to remove all traces of Makeup before your appointment otherwise this can cut into your makeup application time. If you are unable to do this then turn up a bit earlier at the studio and remove it here.

Dollface is a Hollywood Glam style private makeup studio located inside Francesco Group hair salon in Congleton,Cheshire. From when you first step through our door to when you leave we shall make you feel great and girly to look at your most glamorous ready to party the night away.


We only use the highest quality of Makeup brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Jane Irdeale, Illamasqua, Nars etc, ensuring it will look amazing and feel comfortable but also super longwearing ready for all the partying . It’s sweat proof, smudge proof and party proof meaning there’s no need to worry if you have your appointment earlier than planned. The only thing you may need to top up is your lipstick and a dusting of powder to take away any unwanted shine. We recommend you already have an idea of roughly what lip colour you will be wearing so you can already have the colour to use for when you need to touch up.

The one thing I love about Christmas party makeup is you can go a little more crazy on the glitter and sparkle! Whether you want glitter or not it will be hard to resist once you see what we have twinkling in our studio. From the ever popular Glitter Lips to an exciting new upcoming Glitter Eyes range there’s lots of colours and looks to choose from that suit anyone. That also goes for you more mature ladies as its how you apply the glitter and how much as to what will look good compared to trashy. But don’t worry that’s for us to worry about otherwise you would be doing your own makeup right?


False Lashes is always a mega MUST to complete any party look especially at Christmas! Whether you decide on a natural, fluffy look or a more dramatic and defined eyelash we have something for everyone. Our new exciting PrimaLash eyelashes has every style of eyelash ranging from synthetic, human hair to Mink hair for a more glamorous look. These lashes once applied to you are available to keep or buy subject to which ones you choose and also you can purchase the glue so you can use them multiple times for future.


It’s normally my little self that is the makeup artist doing everyones makeup. Although now due to high demand (and the fact I haven’t enough arms) I have carefully chosen a talented little gem of a makeup artist. Lorna will blow everyone’s socks off with her eye makeup and contouring skills! She will literally be working alongside myself in the studio with her makeup brush ready to transform all you lovely people!

Sorry I left this till last but you would have already been bored before this point otherwise. Ok so here goes….all Friday and Saturday appointments in December require a £10 deposit which is redeemable towards the final balance on the appointment day. All deposits are non refundable upon cancellation. We do accept cash and card payments although card are charged at a rate of 2.75% (so save yourself some dosh and pay cash). Should you be 15 mins latefor your appointment we may only be able to do eye makeup only and we will have to charge for the full face price.

All of the above BORING stuff is just to ensure that we have you all ready on time for the  busy days at this time of year.

I hope that this had given you a little insight into how we work and with the confidence into choosing us for your Christmas Party Makeup.


We look forward to DOLLING you all up this Christmas!


The Dollies xxx

Halloween Makeup Inspiration (Pop Art)

Hey everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, I was swamped with the attack of Wedding season! Now Halloween is just around the corner and it’s my absolute fave time of the year!! It gives us makeup artists a chance to be even more creative and wacky as before with also a bit of gore. (sorry about the rhyme).

This time instead of going for the bog standard zombie, skeleton, scary  look I thought to go for something a little different, that being POP ART. Pop art was an art movement in the mid 1950s which was inspired by popular culture  such as adverts, Hollywood Movies and of course Pop music.

The style was quite simple but dramatic with very bold colours and strong black outlines and extreme facial expressions. I just absolutely love this style and thought it would be quite easy and extremely fun for anyone to create on themselves perfect for Halloween!


  • image

As you can see I probably had too much fun messing around with photoshop after I took some pics! Here is a couple of pictures that are not so heavily edited and a full list of products used along with a few tips to re-create this look yourself!


  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation
  • Snazaroo face paints in white, red, black and blue.
  • Daler Rowny paint Brushes
  • Mac eyeliner brush
  • Sephora foundation brush
  • white eyeliner pencil


  1. Apply a high coverage foundation all over including lips and eyelids
  2. Highlight parts of the face using white facepaint  and a medium brush including  the chin, eyelids and underneath the eyes
  3. Outline facial features using black facepaint and a smaller brush as this is more detailed. Concentrate on brows first making them thick and blocky. With the eyes, create a fake socket line and then line the top lashes winging outwards.
  4. Add more detail to the eyes by drawing on fake lashes like spikes towards the outer corner. Line underneath leaving the gap where the white facepaint is. Again draw lashes on the bottom winging downwards.
  5. Create the contour for the cheeks by drawing a thickish line under the cheekbone making sure each side is the same.
  6. Draw  a line down the centre of the nose and around each nostril trying to keep a steady hand.
  7. Create an expression line inbetween the brows.
  8. Colour in the lips with red facepaint and add white lines on the lips to create texture.
  9. line the outside of the lips with black and outline the filtrim (top of the lip)
  10. Wait for the lips to dry and add a small white blob to the lips top and bottom on the side to give a 3d effect.
  11. Create the tears using blue face paint and then splodge a bit of white and line the bottom with black.
  12. Brighten the inside of the eye with a white eyeliner pencil
  13. Fill all of the extra space with white dots using the wrong side of a paintbrush/ makeup brush dipped into the facepaint. (I kind of rushed this bit but take your time, or even use the white pencil for better accuracy.
  14. You can finish by putting on a pair of glam eyelashes and also colouring the hair yellow or blue with facepaints. Or even by just using a brightly coloured wig to give the look more impact!
  15. Finally strike a pose and show off your expressions and POPularity with this fab Halloween Pop Art Makeup!!



Thank you for taking a look at my blog and please subscribe to my You Tube Channel and Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!

Gem xoxo

Dollface Makeup studio

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial

kim k blog photo

Hey Makeup Geeks,

Me again :-). So being a Makeup Artist I get swamped with people wanting to know how to contour like Kim Kardashian. There is no right or wrong way ….some like to use contouring powders and there are also contouring creams. Whichever you feel the most comfortable with is best, but just remember the golden rule and that’s…….BLEND YOUR CONTOUR! There is nothing worse in seeing pale and dark stripes on peoples skin and especially in front of the camera!

In my tutorial I have chosen to use creams as I think this gives more of a dramatic contour and a nice overall finish once blended.

So here it is….my Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial below along with the list of products used. Please don’t forget to subscribe as there is lots more makeup inspiration to come!


Gem x



Primer – Illamasqua Matte Veil

Cream Highlighter- Bobbi Brown Porcelain Foundation Stick/Touch up stick

Cream Contour – Bobbi Brown Honey Foundation Stick/Touch up stick

Blend Tool – Jane Iredale Flocked Sponge

Foundation – Illamasqua Skinbase SB08

Eyebrows- Illamasqua Eyebrow cake- Thunder

Powder- Mac Blot pressed powder- Medium

Eyes -Naked 2 Palette- Snakebite on lid, Busted on socketline

False Lashes -Natural Lash 100

Mascara- Rimmel Scandel Eyes Retro Glam

Powder Highlighter on cheeks and browbone – Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmerbrick


Lipliner- Mac Subculture

Lipstick- Bobbi Brown Beige